Dairy Queen

Lately my wife has taken to hauling me down to the local Dairy Queen for ice cream on Saturday night. They do a brisk business on the weekends. There is usually a line for frozen treats.

When I was a teenager I attended school in the small town of Lindale Texas. The only happening spot at the time was the Dairy Queen. I probably went through that drive through a thousand times. I only remember once very clearly. While I was counting my money and deciding what to order I heard a tap at my window. It was a Lindale policeman with a traffic citation for me. He charged me with speeding, running two stop signs, and being unsafe in a school zone. Evidently he has followed me through town as I stacked up offenses, and I didn’t realize he was back there due to a broken rear view mirror.

When I went to city hall to pay the fine, the ladies in attendance asked my name. I mumbled “Patrick”, and they asked “Bryan Patrick?” That was the first time I remember being recognized for my notoriety. But that’s not the point of the story.

In the 1961 movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” there is a scene at Tiffany’s where “Fred” and “Holly” are asking about getting a ring engraved. The clerk, played by John McGiver asked where the ring was purchased. “Fred” tells him it came incidental to, actually inside of, a box of cracker jack. The clerk asks if they still come with prizes inside and “Fred” assures him that indeed they do. The clerk takes a breath and says, “Gives one a sense of continuity, doesn’t it?”

I like seeing the local Dairy Queen doing a healthy business. I like thinking the Dairy Queen will be around for a while longer. I enjoy going on Saturday night, and it’s the sense of continuity I enjoy the most. This world is a different place from what it was when I was a kid, and there are few things around me contributing to that sense of continuity.