Space for God in the Room

It was implied when I was taught we were created in God’s image we resemble him physically. Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist Way” describes it slightly differently. She puts forward that God is the ultimate creator. When he made us in his image he made us creative as well. When we are striving to create something beautiful we are serving God.

The great music producer Quincy Jones tells us of something a little more hands on. A phrase commonly used in the recording studio was to “leave space for God in the room.” That phrase might be taken to mean techniques such as the importance of a pause in a busy musical passage, or it might be as Quincy tells it: there is something magical that can go on in a recording studio and the best way to describe it is simply a visit from God. However busy it might get in the studio, one should not forget to invite God along for the journey. If you make room for him, God will fill the space.

Today I went to see the exhibit of French Impressionist masterpieces on loan to the Museum of Fine Art, Houston from the NY Metropolitan Art Museum. When I gazed at the walls of the first room of the exhibit my heart made the short leap into my throat, catching me completely by surprise. Sunlight cascading over a young woman’s shoulder. A lush valley. The body of a beautiful woman. Artists we call the best describing God’s work with their talents, for the artist nearly always tries to show what he sees as beautiful in the world. As my wife elaborated: Even when an artist records the ugly he tries to show what beauty he finds in it.

The exhibit was much too crowded, so much so I was told they had a fire code incident. Many of the people there were rude, and I’d have to say I spent more time waiting than viewing the art. Some of the works were poorly lit. Half of the artist’s names I didn’t recognize, and would rather not try to pronounce. I certainly do not know the religious views of a single one of them.

However, as I stared at some of these works, say a painting by Manet of a family at the park on a spring afternoon, I could see God was there that day. He was there then, and he was still in the room.