Global Warming

The environment is all the rage right now. A good time to straighten out some misconceptions.

The earth may be getting a little warmer as of late. That’s not such a bad thing. Better to get warmer than colder. The last time is cooled down much it caused massive crop failures and the Black Plague. Things could be worse than warmer.

Despite what you have read and heard, “greenhouse gases” will not cause the disaster and catastrophe you have been led to believe. The earth regulates such things with amazing fervor and agility. In fact, we should all pray for more greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide.

The reason all of the computer predictions announce calamity which is not going to happen is they do not take into account water vaper. Once you introduce water vapor into the computer models the whole picture changes.

It’s true carbon dioxide will trap heat from the sun near the earth. However, the earth’s surface is 75% water. As water gets warmer it released more water vapor into the atmosphere. Water vapor. You may know water vapor in the atmosphere as “clouds”. Clouds do two things relavent to our issue here. Number one: they block the suns rays. So, the warmer it gets the more clouds will block the sun and cool things off. Number two: they rain.

Add to this what we all know from introductory biology, plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, much in the same way we convert it back. Carbon dioxide is a plant’s “oxygen”. Cover a house plant with a tent and lay a piece of dry ice in there with it. The plant will explode into foliage in the next 24 hours. Try it. I have.

So lets review. We are headed toward more carbon dioxide, more rain, and the temperature is not going to get much hotter. Mild temperatures and a lot of rain? Where is the climate like that? Correct. The tropics. Couple that with increased vegetation.

You can look forward to not a climatic fiasco, but a tropical paradise. It’s time to quit scaring the kids.