All Hail the Government License

ABC News seems to be headlining the recent crane tragedy in Houston by pointing out Texas to be one of 35 states not requiring crane operators to be licensed achat cialis quebec.

Here is the direct quote:

Texas is one of 35 states that does not require crane operators to be licensed. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires cranes to undergo annual inspections, but it is up to crane owners in the state to police themselves.

I note that New York is a state requiring crane operators to be licensed. It hasn’t stopped cranes from collapsing up there. I’m not sure what their point is, besides suggesting we need more regulation driving up the cost of construction here in Texas. Especially since the quote above is prefaced with the following remark:

The crane’s operator, Deep South Crane & Rigging, has an excellent safety record.

I am tired, disgusted and amused, all of that, by the knee jerk reaction to every tragedy calling for more government. More government? As Newt Gingrich points out in this video, our federal government can’t find 10 million illegal immigrants, most of which are not moving, when we can get on the Internet and track 10 million FedEX and UPS packages that are moving in real time every day. More governemt? Why?

More government will not fix crane mishaps. Increasing insurance rates may lead to more safety concerns regarding cranes, and we don’t need government for that.