Computer Update

Last weekend I updated and upgraded my desktop computer. For hardware, I tend to rely on the generosity of others. If this makes you inclined to feel sorry for me and want to send me computer hardware, drop me an email and I’ll tell you where to ship it. But seriously, don’t feel too sorry for me. I have a few well placed connections and I do better than scrapping by in the computer department. Recently some memory and hard drives stopped by to help out, and as a result I have a new 500 GB hard drive and 3 GB ram. This is in a dual core quick as lightning Intel processor computer box. It will be a long time before I begin to make a dent in the 500 GB, and it looks like the memory is much more than I really need as well. I don’t do much gaming which is where most of the home hardware gets used these days.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

With the addition of new hardware I took the occasion as a prompt to upgrade my software situation as well. For years (and years) I have used a Unix variant called Linux as my operating system instead of the popular Microsoft offerings such as XP or Vista. No, I don’t use a Mac either. While many accuse me of being anti-Microsoft, the reality is a little more nuanced. I have little respect for Microsoft as a technology provider. I have enormous respect for them as a monopoly. As most monopolies behave, they stifle advancements and overcharge for their products. I actually use Vista most of the time on my notebook computer. The bottom line truth is I run Firefox mostly on any computer I use these days, and it behaves pretty much the same regardless of what type of computer I use to run it.