Olympics 08/08/08

I’ve mentioned in this space I like sports, although I’m not a huge sports fan or follower of any particular sport. The Olympics are not just sports. They are much more.

In 1984 I was fortunate to attend an Olympic event in Los Angeles. The United States was not expected to excel at the event, however, we surprised everyone by taking both Gold and Silver medals. Switzerland was awarded the Bronze medal. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I can still remember the overwhelming emotions coming over me when we stood for our national anthem as the awards were given. As a young man I suppose I thought the Olympics were kind of “neat”. Sometimes I have to be hit in the head with something blunt to get my attention. I understood from being there, witnessing the gathering of people from all over the world to compete with one another and celebrate the outcome, the Olympics are much much more than “neat”.

Every four years the people of the world put aside their differences to come together and represent their homelands in a celebration of humanity. The weight of that is easy to miss. Today we gather to open the games. Let them begin.