Sun Tea

Several years ago I stopped at a small shack along the side of the road next to some railroad tracks for a burger. I forget the name of the place, but it was obvious they specialized in hamburgers. I’m sure burgers were included in the name of the joint; something like “Bubba’s Burger Shack”. My memory is not always as decrepit as I allow others to think. I’m pretty sure that was the name of the place. It featured picnic tables on an outdoor porch with a little hut containing the kitchen. On the menu painted above the window into the kitchen was a line and a price for sun tea. The sun was shining, but I asked my waiter, a large fellow that surely could have been called “Bubba” what happened to the tea on cloudy days? He replied with a straight face “then it isn’t sun tea”. I felt pretty stupid. I learned on a later trip they simply put a piece of adhesive tape over the “sun” in the sun tea line when it was cloudy. That day, my first trip there for a burger, I had sun tea. Not my first glass by any stretch, but refreshing and good tasting as always.

We have been getting a lot of rain around the cabin for over a week now. The clouds have covered the sky almost constantly including times when it was not raining. The clouds have put a massive hurt on my sun tea production. As long as the sun shines for as much as we need, we crank out and drink about a gallon of sun tea every day. My wonderful wife will help out some with the production at times, but the consumption end of the equation is owned by me.

I’m not sure I need to describe how to make sun tea, but I would feel neglectful if I didn’t mention the process. You put water and a few tea bags in a clear container and set it in the sun for a couple of hours. If you feel like you need more instructions, you can find it here . It’s simple, you simply use the energy of the sun to brew the tea instead of heat. There are elaborate recipes on the Internet. There are dedicated jars available at your local mega-mart, although they are easier to find in the spring. The best jars are glass and have no little spout in the bottom. Those little spouts are nothing but trouble, and are there to look cute and sell jars. They have no place on the sun tea jar of a serious producer of the stuff.

However you assemble the details to make sun tea, the resulting tea is delicate and mild in flavor. It may very well be good for you. I love the stuff.