Heating It Up with a Wood Stove

Here at the cabin my wife and I built we installed a wood burning stove. It’s a high efficiency unit, rated to heat our whole house. The plain black unit stands on legs with an airtight glass door on the front, the steel unit being very heavy. It is simple but attractive in design and is a beautiful addition to the decor of the room Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

When I was a teenager my girlfriend’s father installed a wood stove in the lake house where they lived. I watched him as he tiled a space on the wall behind where the wood stove was to be placed and built a brick pad where it was to sit. I don’t recall actually watching him install the stove, but I do recall seeing a fire burning in it later. He called it a Franklin stove.

I’ve always been intrigued by the wood burning stove. It seemed to me a much more efficient way to heat than with a fireplace. As the stove gets hot it radiates heat completely around it instead of just to the front as with a fireplace. I imagine during the pioneer days of old wood burning stoves, used for cooking as well as heat, were more common than fireplaces. I don’t know this to be the case, but I imagine it. There is a strange nostalgia I feel for a wood stove even though I’ve never had one until now.

Last weekend I built a fire in my new wood stove for the first time. It is recommended you keep the windows open the first time it’s lit, that the paint needs to cure and may emit from unpleasant smells the first time it is used. I kept the windows open but I did not notice any unpleasant fumes.

The first time I tried to build a fire in the wood stove it didn’t turn out really well. The next day I got the proper kindling and remembered a couple of things they told me. I also read the instructions. The second time I tried I was rewarded with a handsome fire. It’s amazing what following directions can do for you.

The wood stove is an amazing piece of engineering. It burns the wood very efficiently and leaves very little ash. It’s suppose to have a secondary level of burn above the first where it finishes up the fuel left in the smoke. It burns with a beautiful flame and puts out a lot of heat. Even with all of the windows and doors open it heated up the house. It’s rated to heat our whole house and now I believe it. It has a lever on the front to control the rate of burn. I left it on high because I wanted to get the thing real hot and because I wanted to burn the wood up.

In a recent discussion of the wood stove I was reminded of the heaters commonly used for heat in rural East Texas when I was a child. They typically burned LP gas although there were still come kerosene heaters in use. As a centralized source of heat you could move up next to them when you came in from the cold for an intense session of warming up. Usually you backed up to it to warm the back of your clothes and spare your face. Coming in from a brutal cold it was a wonderful feeling to soak up the intense heat next to the heater. It was handy and nice to have a source of heat you could back up to.

I’ve had several fireplaces over the years. With a fireplace you have a central source of radiant heat as with a stove, but most fireplaces are not very efficient. Ii is especially true of open air fireplaces. It is possible for open air fireplaces to send all of their heat up the chimney and actually cool a room. The efficiency can make a big difference in the heat output and therefore how pleasant it is standing next to it when you are chilled. Still, one of the advantages of having a fireplace is having that radiant hot heat when you need to warm up quick.

I burned a couple of logs at a high rate of burn to bake the new paint on to the new wood stove and within a few hours the first fire was over. But I wasn’t sad, I was excited. I can’t wait to get some practice this winter keeping the house warm with the wood stove. For the first time in my life I’m looking forward to the cold damp dreary days of winter. It’s going to be a lot of fun getting to know my wood stove. And I’m looking forward to having a heater I can back up to.