The Woodpecker

Remember Woody Woodpecker? Remember his laugh? Ha-Ha-Ha-Hah-Ha!

We have a woodpecker nearby. I have been calling him a red-headed woodpecker, but he is not. He does have a red head, but a red-headed woodpecker is robin sized. This is a piliated woodpecker, a very large bird, bigger than a crow.

In addition to the brilliant red on his head the pileated woodpecker has stricking white marks on a deep black body. The contrast of colors is startling.

Winding through the sounds coming into my sleepy brain this morning was that call, that silly laugh of the woodpecker. The first several times I heard the bird I didn’t recognize it. I had seen the bird and I had heard the laugh, but I didn’t connect the two. As I was pondering the sound I was hearing I suddenly remembered the cartoon Woody Woodpecker and immediately connected the sound with the bird. Now I can’t hear the bird or see it without getting a smile on my face.