The Artist’s Way

Are you an artist? I think we all are. You may not draw or paint. You may write poetry or have musical talents. You may have a talent you’ve not yet discovered for building birdhouses. You have talents, of that I’m sure.

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is book outlining a 12 week course in teaching ourselves to let the creativity in all of us blossom and flourish. Originally designed to help writers overcome writer’s block, the book has been used by musicians, painters, dancers and other artists the world over to tap into their own creative process.

When I was young I was taught we were created in God’s image. At such a young age the word “image” had only visual implications. I assumed we looked like God. God had two arms and two legs and a head.

Julia Cameron puts forward in her book The Artist’s Way that our creator, the Ultimate Creator, created us in his image as creative beings. According to her theories the creator works through us in our creativity. In fact, all we have to do is open ourselves up to channel this creative energy and get ourselves out of the way. She provides the tools to do this.

Does it work? It seems to have worked for hundred of thousands of artists and would-be artists. The book has sold well over a million, mostly by word of mouth. I read the book and studied the course beginning in the first month of 2003. Within a few months I had fulfilled a lifelong dream – I had written my first novel.