Messages, Meanings and Means

I came home from the hunt today and the woman painted a new picture on the cave wall. She is good, my woman. Our visitors will see we have a fine cave and that it is ours. We did not kill today but we still have roast beast from yesterday. It is harder to hunt well when your belly is full.

The messenger from the village should bring me the book that I ordered to the cabin soon. The book is on what it is like to be creative. I like books. I like the way they feel in my hands and tell me things. Later if I see the book I remember some of the things I learned from it.

In late 1989 or early 1990 I went to a seminar at which W. Richard Stevens gave a talk. He gave us handouts from his soon to be published book – “Unix Network Programming”. After it was published the book quickly became the bible on network programming for the early stages of the internet explosion. His book became this after his early death. I hung around after his talk to watch him answer questions. He was a brilliant man but he was also a very nice man. Later I used his handouts to write internet programs so that computers could talk to each other from far away. The World Wide Web as still an experiment then.

Today I hear that blogging is not yet dead, and I need to use my blog as a home base to coordinate excursions on my outposts – Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, Delicious, LinkedIn. I need to do this to build my tribe. Perhaps.

I wonder if the postman will bring my book soon? Will the weekly newspaper from the village come with the book? After I read the newspaper it is also good to use starting a fire in the wood stove here at the cabin. The newspaper is good.

From the mouth of my cave I see rain is coming. Good thing we have plenty of roast beast to last us. In this light I see how wonderful is the painting the woman drew on the wall of the cave. I will encourage her to do another. And our children’s children will see.