Farming Setback

I noticed this morning half of my green bean plants had their tops removed. I suspect rabbits. I didn’t see any deer tracks and the ground was soft this morning so I would have seen evidence if the muncher were as big as a deer.

Of course we have rabbits nearby as well as other wildlife. We had a family last spring and summer. But we also have a pair of red shouldered hawks nearby. One day I saw a hawk swoop through my front yard, 10 feet off of the ground and travelling 100 miles an hour. It pulled up and sat down in my driveway, next to where the bunnies like to play. Soon after I didn’t see bunnies around the driveway, but I saw a couple further back on my property recently.

I didn’t think the deer would come this close to the house.  I was thinking about deer and forgot to worry about the rabbits.