Farming Update

I’ve really been working on putting together a selection of plants in my garden both to try my hand at growing a few things and to wind up with some tasty stuff to drag into the cabin’s kitchen.

My raised beds are, for all practical purposes, fully planted. I have a different selection of veggies and herbs than I envisioned when I started this project, but I’m thrilled with how it’s come together.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Tomatoes – 4 cherry tomato plants (standard, yellow, and grape) and 5 slicers
  • Green Beans – Two varieties
  • Spinach – Two varieties
  • Bell Peppers – Red, Orange, Yellow, and Chocolate
  • Jalapenos – Two varieties, mild and hot
  • Pablano Peppers
  • Onions – Texas sweet
  • Herbs – Greek Oregano, German Thyme, Mint, Cilantro, Flat leaf parsley, Sweet basil, Texas tarragon, Chives, Dill,

I also have a Bay Laural tree and some Pineapple Sage I planted in pots. I’ve got a couple of Okra seedlings I have yet to find a pot for, as well as some assorted peppers and basil I’m not sure where to plant.

The only thing thats not doing well so far is the spinach. It’s been a disappointment, but it’s still growing, at least some of it. It’s too soon to give up on it yet.

I’m anxious to start harvesting things out of there. I have cut a few mint sprigs for my tea already, but not much and not regularly. The first herbs I planted will be providing for the kitchen though very soon.

At some point I should be able to make salsa completely from the garden. And if those wild hogs come back this summer I may have some local pork.