The Legend of Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones 2006

By most counts Quincy Jones is not a celebrity. Not that many people outside of the world of music know of him or if they do they are unclear as to much about him. But to many he is nothing short of a living legend. In fact, he won a Grammy Legend Award in 1991. He has been nominated for a Grammy Award 97 times, the most in the history of the award. Of those he won 27 times, the most of any living person (only the Hungarian conductor Sir Georg Solti has won more with 31).

It is impossible to read of even a part of his work in the decades he has been involved in the jazz and pop music scene without being impressed with the names of people you most definitely have heard of with which he has worked closely. I’ll not try to name even a few of them here. From what I have seen those that have worked with him love him, for he seems to treat others with dignity and conduct himself with a sort of graciousness and class.

He’s been mentioned here before for a phrase I heard him talk about: “Leave space for God in the room.”

This last Sunday there was a terrific piece written about Mr. Jones in the Washington Post by Deneen Brown. I’d encourage you to learn more about this musical and artistic giant from the article by following this link.