A Little Bit Country

I mentioned earlier in this space I purchased an audio interface for my computer, an interface capable of processing sounds at specifications equal to professional quality recordings.  It was a Christmas present to myself and in some was the realization of a lifelong dream of owning a recording studio. Technology has reached a point where a lot of the expensive equipment that used to be required to record music accurately can be replaced for little to nothing in the manner of software on a computer. The mixing and mastering of songs recorded can be done “in the box” or with computer programs instead of dedicated equipment; expensive hardware being replaced with inexpensive or even free software.

Putting together a recording studio mostly on a computer is now easy.  Learning to use it is as involved and as difficult as it ever was. The tools are now easy to come by, but they are still tools and mastering any tool takes study, practice, and time.

The first major recording project I jumped into was to record some songs performed by a Country & Western band that calls themselves The Republic Band. My recording interface only allows for a couple of inputs at a time, so three songs were recorded over a period of about three days.

There were problems with the recordings such as noise introduced along with some of the instruments and such that were my fault, due to my inexperience with recording, not the fault of the band. My audio experience has been mostly limited to live music.  Then taking the raw recordings and trying to mix them into something that demonstrates and compliments their talents turned out to be no small task, again no fault of theirs. Sometimes, due to my inexperience, the more I worked on a recording the worse it sounded. I’d stop, study some more, go back and try again.

So, I’m finally ready to release a little bit of the product of all of that work. It still has some problems with instrument levels in some places and maybe it could do with a touch more eq on a spot or two… but. I’m reminded of something I once heard, that a poem is never finished, but abandoned.  I’ve got more projects in the works so at least for one of the three songs I recorded with The Republic, here it is:

Play – Folsom Prison Blues

The Republic Band:

  • Keith Rowe – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Gary Donald  – lead guitar
  • Jimmy Bussey – drums
  • David Martin – keyboard
  • Charlie Brown – bass

They are a talented bunch and gentlemen all. You can visit their Facebook fan page HERE.