Monster Gold from Sound Offers

Monster® Turbine™ Pro Gold Audiophile In-Ear Speakers™FedEx delivered a pair of in-ear headphones to my house Wednesday. They are a pair of Monster Turbine Pro (Gold Edition).  I didn’t pay anything for them. They were a gift, a “Giveaway” from Sound Offers. Holy Moley I’m doing something right around here.

Sound Offers is a sort of high end classifieds for quality audio system equipment. You can buy or sell what was called when I was a child “Hi-Fi” or high fidelity audio gear. It’s usually stereo.  This stuff is extremely “Hi-Fi”. It’s a fascinating site. I get their weekly newsletter and it’s the most extreme window shopping I do. It’s opened my eyes to loads of manufacturers and audio components of which I’ve never been aware, in spite of having an electrical engineering degree, a lifelong passion in music and audio fidelity, as well as experience in professional audio gear.

This site is amazing, and not just because they sent me some free headphones. Sign up for their newsletter. I’m telling you when I get their newsletter in my inbox I immediately take the time to peruse the gear.  And you may get some headphones or even better. At least you’ll get a list of outstanding audio equipment for sale and if you have such items you want to turn into cash you need to showcase them among other high end items through Sound Offers.

Now, on to the headphones. I’ve never cared that much for in-ear headphones, but I can get used them since they come with this sound. As with any headphones in this price range they come with a custom case (in this case 2 of them). They also come with a variety of tips for your ear canal, ensuring an accurate and effective fit. The connections are 24 carat gold, including a 3.5mm to ¼ inch connector.

And the sound. Wow! They compare very favorably with the Sony MDR-7506 Studio reference headphones I use for recording and mixing. From the instructions and reviews of the Monster Turbine Pro the sound will only get better as they are broken in over the next few hours. The Sony headphones are much too big and cumbersome to carry with me to listen to mp3s on my phone, but these Monster headphones, with their cute little carrying case(s), are perfect!

I went with my wife to watch the Houston Texans in training camp last week and saw a young man sporting a Monster t-shirt. On the back was one of their slogans “Because the music matters”.  I love the slogan.

Monster cables are known for both their quality and the confidence of their price. The Monster Turbine Pro Gold are not exception to this philosophy and retail at Best Buy for $279. They do however come with a lifetime warranty and they will even replace them if you break them (once). They are beautiful and come with the Monster name and covet factor.  When you take all of that into account these headphones, while not necessarily a bargain, are at least more fairly priced.

Sound Offers, though, is a terrific deal and I hope you’ll check them out.