You May Be a Communist

David and Goliath by Robert Temple Ayres


You hate big corporations? Why don’t you tweet that on your IPhone. – Anonymous





Rooting for the Underdog

We are conditioned to root for the underdog. Consider the ancient story of David and Goliath. It is inspiring to hear a tale where the weak summon their courage and persevere to defeat a better placed opponent. There is nothing wrong with that. But that story line has been hijacked by those that would use your better instincts for political gain.

Karl Marx is Not David

In “The Communist Manifesto” Marx describes a struggle between the powerful Bourgeoisie and the underdogs, the Proletariat. The powerful and greedy are only self-interested, preying on the weaker common man to exploit them. As with David and Goliath, the more virtuous the underdog and more evil the strong, the more appealing the story where the little guy gets to take on the big bad monster. I’ve read of evidence David and Goliath was an actual historical event corroborated outside of Biblical text, unlike the fairy tale of Marx.

Enter the Corporation

In our society the means of production, owned by the Bourgeoisie in the world of Marx, are seen to be in the hands of the powerful corporations. Corporations are described as greedy and bad, taking advantage of people’s needs to make money. What can the little guy do? It’s a popular story line heard said by Republicans and Democrats alike. It’s also the same story told by the Communist. The names have just been changed to advance a political agenda in the middle of the confusion over semantics.

Corporation are Indeed People

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in the Citizen’s United case that corporations, being an assemblage of individuals, are entitled to the same protections of their speech as individuals themselves. And in fact corporations as a legal entity are an assemblage of individuals. A public corporation, one selling stock on Wall street, is in fact owned by people. Many of those people have their retirement moneys dependent on the success of that corporation. When a corporation fails, people get hurt. The employees get hurt, including the many people with money invested in that company, many of those without much to lose, such as retired teachers and firemen.

Profit is Not Evil

While they come together for the purpose of their collective gain and profit, that does not make them greedy. It does not make them bad. A group of people may be a church congregation operating a soup kitchen or it may be a lynch mob. Both groups may be operating in what they see as their own self interest, yet we do not hesitate to call one bad and the other good. Wanting to make money does not make an endeavor, a person, or a corporation bad. Otherwise people who get up to go to work in the morning are bad people. Don’t be silly. Yet we are.

Capitalism is Just

For a corporation to survive and prosper it has to provide a product or service in excess of what it consumes. It has to sell something. It may make hamburgers. It may fashion plastic into toothbrushes. If I give you a hamburger or toothbrush without extracting from those who get them enough in exchange to keep providing hamburgers and toothbrushes then I will no longer be able to serve my customers. Taking that money is not greed; in fact if I am greedy and charge too much another will replace me in the marketplace and I will suffer. If I don’t take enough, I will no longer be able to provide hamburgers or toothbrushes. There are winners if I take money. There are losers besides myself if I don’t.

Service is Good

People getting hamburgers and toothbrushes for their money are happy to make the exchange. They feel like they are “getting their money’s worth” or they would not keep buying those things from the people they do. They are being served by the corporation. And didn’t God teach us that serving one another was good? That’s right. I just called corporations an instrument of God’s goodness.

God placed everything we needed on this earth but designed it so that we would have to work together to prosper. Corporations are a mechanism of working together. Remember that next time you feel like engaging in the class warfare of Karl Marx with the “Us vs achat cialis 10mg. Them” rhetoric bad mouthing the big nasty greedy corporations. Without that corporation you might not be able to buy a toothbrush. And that big nasty greedy corporation, by providing toothbrushes, may have served more of God’s people that you have today.

Downtown and Dirty

My novel became available on Amazon this last week. WooHoo!!!!

With God’s help I’ve been able to check that one off of my to-do list. If you’ve been following along around here I believe when God created us in his image, as the ultimate creator he made us to be creative. Producing things, especially beautiful things, pleases God. At least that’s my way of thinking. Deep down when you create something you feel a sense of accomplishment that comes from God.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I’m so excited about this. Now that it’s finally in print I’ve been able to start another one. Of course I suffered through some growing pains with the first one, but writing a novel is an exciting ride and I’m eager to push down on the accelerator to capture another tale.

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The Auto Industry

After watching leaders of the big three auto makers try to blackmail the country with dire threats of millions of jobs lost, I’m convinced those auto makers don’t have the problems with the unions that the media have suggested. The auto makers don’t have a problem with unions because union thugs are running them. Seeing them on television is like seeing Jack Nicholson play Jimmy Hoffa all over again.Roblox HackBigo Live Beans HackYUGIOH DUEL LINKS HACKPokemon Duel HackRoblox HackPixel Gun 3d HackGrowtopia HackClash Royale Hackmy cafe recipes stories hackMobile Legends HackMobile Strike Hack

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How to Succeed

There are many ways to measure success in our lives. Many keep score with money or toys, while some have a secret dream job or place to live they think about. They hope one day events will rescue them from where they are.

Whatever your hopes and dreams are for your future, now is the time to start moving toward those goals.

  1. Imagine yourself as what you want to be

  2. Determine the activities involved in being what you want to be.

  3. Do those things

This is not to suggest the process will be easy. It may requite study and hard work. It will probably involve diligence and patience. That does not mean your goals in life are impossible. Many dreams do come true.

The most important thing is to begin to move toward the things you want for your life. Without beginning you will never reach the places you want be. You Can Do It. Start Now.

Financial Panic

In 1988 I had a conversation with my father about the possibility of a credit collapse. I had just finished reading several books on financial instruments, and one thing I took from it was our financial system was a house of cards. Business runs on trust. If a panic occurs it can wreck havoc.

During the years of the Great Depression many people grew their own food. Many lived without indoor plumbing. Now many wouldn’t know how to react if they can’t get soy milk from the market and their toilet will not flush.

When I expressed my concerns about a complete collapse of civilization to my father he was reassuring. He was confident, not in the system, but in me. He reminded me I was resourceful and I had skills. He told me he hoped I would never see things get that bad, but if I did he was sure I would “figure something out”.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike people worked together to get by without electricity or water or gasoline. As this area starts to rebuild it has been made stronger by the relationships created among neighbors as they helped each other deal with the storms destruction.

As our credit and financial markets suffer this credit crunch, it is worth remembering as a people we are resourceful and we have skills. Whatever happens we will “figure something out”. And we will probably emerge from the other side made stronger by the relationships we form.

Nasty T-sips

According to the Houston Chronicle, the University of Texas board of regents approved a plan to sell oil and natural gas for the next 10 years from some of their west Texas land holdings. They sold the oil and natural gas for about a billion dollars. This “so-called forward contract” or futures contract firmly establishes the University of Texas as one of those nasty speculators we’ve been hearing are driving up the cost of gas. The sordid tale can be found here. Just how low will they stoop to go?

Disclaimer: I am a proud graduate of the great Texas A&M University.

Energy Crisis

I keep hearing over and over again “We can’t drill our way out of this problem.” I’m positively desperate for someone to explain to me why not.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download