Houston Texan’s Season

Houston Texans HelmetWe were 12-4 for the season and advanced to the Division round before loosing to a good team this year. That’s nothing to complain about. Sure I’m disappointed in the loss. But this was a year most teams would love to have.

We have some challenges. We have an excellent team and first rate coaches. We have an excellent organization behind the team. If anything our loss to the Patriots twice showed we just have a little bit of maturing to do, getting use to what it takes to win in the NFL.

I’m optimistic. We have a lot of good years ahead of us and I’m looking forward to the 2013 season.

Meet Bradie James – I Am Second

The Texans lost Inside Linebacker DeMeco Ryans during Free Agency and replaced him with Bradie James from the Dallas Cowboys. James, a nine year veteran, is familiar with Wade Phillips defense and is described as a natural leader. Bradie James will start next to Brian Cushing as his role as Inside Linebacker. In this video, “I Am Second”, Bradie James talks about his relationship with God.

Houston Texans and the NFL 2012 Season Starting Soon

Houston Texans Helmet

This morning I was able to get free tickets to the Houston Texans training camp. We went last year and I’m really excited about it this year.

If you remember, last year the training season was shorted by the “lockout” or labor dispute between the players and owners. Also, last year was the first year of our new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, along with a couple of high profile defensive backs we obtained through free agency. Our defense, nicknamed Bulls-on-Parade went from the bottom of the NFL to second in rankings.

You get a different view of things on the practice field. For one thing you are a lot closer to the players than even being in the cheap seats at Reliant Stadium.  From that vantage point you see a lot of things about the players you don’t see on television.

After winning the division championship last year there are a lot of new Texans fans this year. Getting the training camp tickets were easy last year. This year the website was clogged with a digital waiting line.

But wait I did, and the NFL excitement for this year is almost upon us. Come on Houston Texans.